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Management Dashboard

InsideInsight offers a unique, easy to use management dashboard that offers high-level key information:

  • Customizable P&L statement.
  • Profitability of products and services.
  • Resource capacity usage, excess capacity and capacity shortage.
  • Cost and efficiency of business processes and activities.
  • Cost of value added and non-value added activities.
  • Cost of products and services.
  • Cost per ‘business sustaining level’.


  • Is driven by the selections the user makes.
  • Highly interactive and customizable in order to present all relevant information in a concise way.
  • Offers “drill-down” and “roll-up” functionality.


Graphical interface

Powerful, interactive and most advanced graphical user interface available

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Instant access to high level key information and performance indicators via powerful management dashboard

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Getting started

Need help getting started with Performance Management?
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